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Interactive installations for public and private spaces such as airports, museums, galleries, libraries, exhibitions and events is a big part of what we offer at IXEN.

The maturation of the internet has brought about the need for companies in Singapore to have more innovative and sophisticated methods to reach and engage consumers.

With Interaction Design (IxD) – there is now a powerful link that companies can tap into to reach out to consumers. Using virtual reality (VR), we combine the best of both the digital and physical worlds to create a simulated experience that is rich, personalized and highly-immersive.

Our company specialises in IxD – an integral component within the giant umbrella of User Experience (UX) Design. Seeking to enhance the brand-customer interaction using design and technology – IXEN helps your company completely transform the connections with your customers at all touchpoints.

The success of virtual, mixed and augmented reality is its ability to evoke emotions that engages multiple senses at once – with this in mind, we provide game and app development for our clients that are highly interactive and engaging (the options are truly limitless!)

Our goal is to create designs that enable users to achieve their objectives when interacting with different products. To do this, we put a heavy focus on the 5 key dimensions of interaction, i.e., 1D: Words, 2D: Visuals, 3D: Physical Objects and Space, 4D: Time, and 5D: Behaviour.

Using our expertise in IxD, we have executed ideas for our clients via interactive touch screens, showroom displays, digital adverts and VR applications, just to name a few.

Our Interaction Design (IxD) Expertise:

  • Virtual Exhibition
  • Virtual Events
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Mixed Reality (MR)
  • Games & App Development
  • Interactive Installations in Public & Private Spaces (Airports, Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Exhibitions, Events, etc.)

Design Beyond Aesthetics

At IXEN, our designs go beyond aesthetics and branding – travelling the extra mile to produce exceptional and intuitive digital experiences. Our agency takes pride in creating interactive installations that users genuinely enjoy, while helping companies meet their overarching business objectives – giving them that much-needed competitive edge.

Our dedicated team in Singapore creates and tests every element on a screen that users might interact with – whether it is through clicking, swiping, tapping, viewing etc., we are the go-to agency for all interactive experiences.

When embarking on web design projects, game and mobile app development, interactive installations, and other digital properties – we focus on making them functional, valuable and enjoyable for your core audience.

Why Choose Us?

Interactive design is a crucial aspect of UX Design, and for this reason – it is important to work with the best team to integrate this into all your digital properties.

At IXEN Interactive, we have the experience, expertise, and skills to create designs that easily connect users and the digital installations they use.

Contact us today and let us help you deliver meaningful experiences for your customers every time they use your digital products!

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