A key goal of an ecommerce website is to communicate and interact with both new and potential customers.

In addition to just providing vital information about your businesses – this valuable touchpoint is all about effectively grabbing users’ attention, and capitalizing on those precious few seconds to sell them your products and services.

It’s safe to say that almost every business today owns a website or online presence of some sort – but the percentage drastically falls short when talking about creating fresh and original experiences that customers can genuinely enjoy and share with others.

Encouraging interactions with ecommerce

As we speak, thousands if not millions of potential customers are on their phones, scrolling through social media. This exposes them to hundreds of websites vying for their attention – including yours.

At IXEN Interactive, we see interactions as the link between users and the products and services that they use – and our job is to build digital products and installations that help to bridge this gap even further.

The next step for many businesses is to focus on engaging users using creative and innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and interactive exhibitions that capture and express your brand story and message.

Manage to do it well, and you will be rewarded with a higher conversion rate and customers that remain loyal.

Combining the digital and physical world

A relevant ecommerce strategy that our creative digital agency likes to use revolves around using the concept of interaction design (IxD) to capture, nurture, and maintain the attention that you get from your users.

While social media, as well as forums and message boards are great avenues to interact with users – designing and developing interactive touch screens, digital adverts and Mixed Reality (MR) applications is what we specialize in – and have managed to help our clients create conversations that last long after the engagement is over.

Go beyond just crafting content, utilizing SEO tactics and automation on your ecommerce website, and try something completely new and different for your next campaign!

What are you waiting for?

Interactive installations are designed to work in tandem with a well-constructed ecommerce website design – use them to support each other and continue the conversation offline, or vice versa.

You can even leverage on the installation to drive a bunch of new traffic to your website, where interested users who have already been exposed to your brand are more likely to make a purchase.

Entice users to interact with you in real-time and engage us to craft your next winning campaign! We have decades of experience and tools at our disposal, and are dedicated to helping brands thrive in the ever-changing, fast-paced digital age. Even in the most “technical” and “boring” industries – you will be surprised at how interactive installations can completely turn how users’ perceive you on its head!

Whatever your financial budget, you can start making efforts towards developing an interactive installation by contacting our award-winning, interactive design company; where our team of experts are ready to advise you further!

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