More than 80% of people who own a mobile device are searching for products or services online.

And that percentage is likely to grow. Perhaps it then comes as no surprise that most businesses are now pumping in more dollars into mobile app development. Moving forward, mobile apps are no longer just going to be a bonus, but a fundamental channel for brands to interact with consumers.

Below, you’ll find 4 reasons why it pays to invest in a dedicated mobile app for your business:

1.    It complements your overall marketing strategy.

A mobile app is as an extension of your marketing strategy – offering another channel for you to reach out to customers and updating them about your latest promotions and offers.

With mobile apps, you can easily integrate it with social media platforms seamlessly, such as allowing users to login via Facebook.

This way, not only will you be able to further reinforce your brand by staying top-of-mind, you can use the channel to create a series of cross-platform and cross-device marketing content that is both unique and memorable.

2.    Develops authority and trust.

Just like how websites and content have reviews, so do mobile apps.

Making sure that your mobile app solves real problems and provides real value to users helps to build authority and trust to gain a sale later down the line. They also make your brand “stickier” – meaning to say that customers are more likely to be loyal and want to come back again and again.

Building an authoritative site requires lots of time, patience and a well thought out plan. This is why it pays to hire a Creative Digital Agency who is experienced in not just creating an aesthetically pleasing app, but one that also offers great copywriting and content creation services.

3.    Builds a community.

Users crave connection – two-thirds of the time spent on mobile apps are being used on entertainment and communication apps.

Just like how Reddit’s success was built upon a community of people who all share the same interests in a range of different subjects, your mobile app should aim to bring together a group of users who love your brand and have similar interests and behaviors.

Creating a community can be a great way to increase app traffic by giving consumers plenty of opportunities to express themselves and their preferences openly.

4.    A great way to track valuable analytics.

One of the greatest advantages for creating a mobile app is having access to a constant stream of additional data about your users, including the products that they plan to purchase, valuable location data, and how much time they spend on the app each time.

Combined with your website analytics, you now have a 360-degree view of your entire business process, and a solid database of actionable insights that you can use to optimize all your platforms and engage consumers.

Even if none of your competitors aren’t in on it – being the first in your industry to have a mobile app can help you to stand out and bridge a lucrative gap in the market! The best way to get started is to first create a clear, brand design that leaves a great first impression – and supplementing it with augmented reality app development to really blow your users’ minds away!

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