Interactive augmented reality and virtual reality were said to be a game-changer when they were developed years ago. While they may not have become what many have expected them to be, both technologies are becoming more and more crucial to businesses today. Small businesses, in particular, stand to benefit the most from making a sound investment in virtual reality and augmented reality. This is because these technologies are intuitive and affordable.

However, even though they are widely available for small businesses to take advantage of, not knowing how to use them properly can lead to a wasted investment.

This is why we’ve rounded up some key tips on how small businesses can use these technologies to their advantage.

1. Cost-effective training

VR training sessions are steadily gaining in popularity as the training program needs only be recorded once, and it can be used multiple different times. During the training sessions, employees can also continue to interact with other objects and people. This means that the training they receive is arguably just as good as if someone was training them in-person. This can significantly cut down on the manpower needed to train new hires.

On the same note, you can also use VR technology to interview potential candidates. Approach a reputable virtual reality company to find out how your company can develop an app where you are able to interview an interested candidate for a job without having to physically be there and make it feel like a traditional interview.

2. Make the customer shopping experience more interactive

Big brands are using interactive augmented reality effectively in retail.

For example, Converse, the American shoe company, has an app where users can simply point their camera at their feet and “try” on different kind of shoes. Once they find the right colour, size, and fit, they can make the purchase more confidently.

3. Make it accessible, convenient, and reliable

It may not be cheap to invest in a quality interactive augmented reality app, but the returns are well worth it.

Amid the pandemic, some customers preferring shopping online instead of going down to the store to try out products. This means that the shopping experience has become drastically less personal than before. This decreases the possibility of returns, therefore putting your business at risk of lost income.

With AR and VR technology, you can let customers try out numerous items with ease or check out the latest items in your store. This brings convenience, ease and safety to them. While this is still no replacement to the engaging personal experience of physical shopping, it is an excellent alternative that brings a unique spin to the whole shopping process.


Virtual reality and augmented reality are the future. While we will be able to gradually adopt these technologies in the future, the current COVID-19 pandemic has surely speed things up. However, the success of your business lies in the ability to adapt and make timely decisions.

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