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Most businesses are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes events, where many have been cancelled and postponed. However, it is not all bad news. This is because event organisers have found ways to hold events without physical attendance via virtual events.

This allows remote attendees to join and participate from anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to the web. Plus, with the added benefit of attending sessions from the comfort of their own home, it’s much easier to attract their attention and get the views you need. And before Covid-19, people can attend a virtual event or exhibition without having to worry about the cost of travel.

Why are virtual events/exhibitions getting popular?

Amid Covid-19, physical interaction between large groups of people is discouraged and disallowed, which makes virtual events become much more popular. However, virtual events have been around for many years, and there is a good reason why they are still gaining traction.

One such example is the benefit concert One World: Together at Home virtual entertainment event which was hosted in August. In support of the World Health Organization, it featured many famous musical artists and was viewed by close to 21 million viewers.

In Singapore, the National Museum took its Bicentennial exhibition online this year with a digital version. This virtual exhibition takes viewers back in time to the events in 1819, allowing them to explore featured artefacts and showcases – with two modes of navigation to choose from: self-explanatory and guided.

Virtual exhibitions also allow exhibitors to showcase their products and services with a global reach, and facilitate them in converting into sales. This can be done by embedding an online store platform at your event for prospects to make transactions in real-time.

1. Easy access and navigation

Attending physical events are great, but not many are straightforward and convenient.  Figuring out where to host the event and ensure the safety of participants can be real challenges. With digital events and exhibitions, that is no longer a problem.

With the help of a design team, you can create a virtual landscape that is richly detailed and easy to explore. The content you are exhibiting can be highly configurable and interactive to promote optimal engagement among attendees.

2. Multiple content possibilities

You have far more ways to present content with virtual events. For example, working closely with a virtual reality company can help you create even more interactive content and generate engagement with your audience.

Since you have a virtual platform with an audience, you can take the opportunity to maximise engagement with content like webinars or Q&A session to nurture your leads and increase conversion rates. Provide them with as much information through presentations, videos and documents. Encourage valuable conversations by using effective chat tools for a more personal connection. You can also gamify your shows to demand increased attendance, with exciting contests and games that reward them with incentives.

3. Convenient data collection and management

Gathering data with virtual events is easy, and it will be even easier for you to follow-up with the audience and gain their feedback and thoughts of the event. They can also share what they think could be improved for the next event.

Virtual Events / Exhibitions Suit Today’s Needs

Virtual events and exhibitions are growing in popularity especially during our current situation. But, even if the situation was different, many companies could still benefit more from investing in virtual events to provide immersive, engaging experiences.

For example, investing in interactive augmented reality and virtual reality can help draw in new audiences, giving them a reason to attend the event and learn about what you’re offering. Hosting a virtual event and exhibition requires a different set of planning and strategy, so engaging in an expert will be worthwhile. And with no real need to book a physical venue, you have more flexible options to showcase your products and services to a wider audience.

If your business is looking to host a successful virtual event or exhibition for your customers, IXEN Interactive can help you make it a reality! Our team of professionals are ready to help you bring your specialised event online, making it easier to engage and connect with your customers through technology and design. Through our team’s experience in interaction design, we can also help you craft, create, and plan for a successful virtual event that can communicate and engage with your audience in many different ways.

As an interactive design company in Singapore, IXEN Interactive is also able to provide you with meaningful ways to continue building your business through mobile app development services, e-commerce website development, and more.

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