The market for Virtual Reality (VR) has grown significantly over the past few years, and all signs point towards continuous growth in the future – with 13% of the world’s population using VR at least once a month!

And with the huge success of Augmented Reality (AR) seamlessly melding into the lives of the younger generation on platforms including Snapchat and Pokémon Go, you can be sure that more and more companies are going to be hopping onto the bandwagon of using VR and AR as part of their marketing strategy.

So, how exactly can virtual reality be used in marketing? And if so, how can you take advantage of it?

Allowing users to be a part of the story

A part, not apart is the key here.

A great case study that we can all learn from is The New York Times: in order to keep up with the modern age, what’s the largest newspaper company in the U.S. to do?

Unlike its competitors that were struggling to retain viewership in an ever-increasing digital world, the New York Times experimented with the NYTVR – a series of VR news stories that transports readers into a different world.

Marrying VR with mobile app development, users are encouraged to explore a library of 360-degree, VR experiences in the comfort of their own home – where they are essentially sucked into an immersive, out-of-this-world storyline that goes beyond just reading the news.

People have an appetite for wonder and new experiences – by giving them the option to become a part of the story (literally) – The New York Times is able to tug at the heartstrings of their audience, and gain a positive response that keeps users coming back for more.

While there’s no doubt that it may take a huge financial and time investment on behalf of businesses to make VR a part of their core marketing strategy – the returns simply can’t be disputed.

This is but one of the many applications of VR that can be used to elevate the entire customer experience anywhere, anytime.

A future-proof tool for marketing

It’s not just the big companies that can utilize virtual reality to their advantage – in fact, many smaller businesses are going on board, working with a reputable Virtual Reality Agency to help bring their ideas to life.

With over 20 years of experience in the digital space – our Interactive Design Agency prides ourselves in coming up with some of the most innovative and unique experiences for customers to interact with your brand.

Whether its investing in virtual reality, mixed reality or augmented reality app development – the huge success of the technology lies in its ability to evoke emotions that engages multiple senses at once.

Because of this, there is so much untapped potential for your industry to take advantage of – use it to change how your company designs products, or enhance your customer service.

You can even use virtual reality to completely transform your industry – the possibilities are endless. All you need to do now is get started!

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