Users are constantly increasing the bar that brands need to meet in order to gain their attention and loyalty.

As the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has increased over the last decade – it seems that users are becoming more accustomed to seeing more unique and immersive marketing campaigns from brands.

In more recent years, Mixed Reality (MR) has started to slowly make its way into the marketing space, where more and more brands are starting to see the vast number of opportunities that it brings to reach out to their most valued customers.

But first things first:

Mixed Reality is more than just VR and MR

MR is not that same as VR and AR.

While VR mostly remains in a digital world and AR is often computer-generated content that blends into the real world – MR combines both the digital and real world together.

In short, MR overlays digital content that is anchored to and interacts with objects in the real world – which helps to add an additional layer of “realness” to the user as compared to VR and AR.

So, how exactly can MR transform your marketing game?

Richer and more personalized content

While written and visual content on websites and social media are still essential as part of any marketing strategy – MR is able to turn a two-dimensional experience into a 3D one – allowing brands to expand their content and make it go the extra mile.

With MR, it is easier to demonstrate and actually show users how their lives will change with your product or service. By allowing users to somewhat take control over what they wish to experience, they are more likely to be able to relate to your brand and take part in the action, which is far more engaging than simply reading a product description on your website.

Truly connect with your target audience

The magic about MR is that it is able to tell a more vivid story – making it easier for you to build a connection with your users. interaction and connection with users.

There are also no limitations when it comes to MR, and the goal is to focus on understanding what makes users tick and delve deeper into their biggest pains and desires.

What better way to show the value of your products and services than by letting the customer experience it for themselves?

Reach out to the masses

With the ability to interact to many more users than if you were able to do so face-to-face – MR expands your reach to as many people as possible, all while providing a consistent and valuable experience.

Because of its high shareability factor, it is also much easier to scale your campaign – an important factor to consider when choosing a marketing strategy.

With brands such as The New York Times, Disney, Coca-Cola, and BMW having used MR to interact with their most valued customers – it goes to show that any industry can benefit with the help of this amazing application!

Where do I start?

As technology continues to grow rapidly and become more refined – the brands that will truly stand out are the ones that come up with creative and unique experiences that surprise users.

Even if you don’t have a clue about MR and how to execute it, there is no need to panic!

Here at IXEN Interactive, we have a team of experts that specialize in designing interactive installations including mobile app development and Mixed Reality development – with over 20 years of experience helping brands elevate and transform every touchpoint with their customer.

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