Interactive augmented reality can greatly change how businesses work. One such example is in their marketing methods. In many ways, augmented reality has transformed marketing methods for the better. Thanks to its accessibility and use of technology, augmented reality can be seen anywhere, most prominently on our modern tablets and smartphones.

One such example of this is the gaming app Pokemon GO. A seemingly overnight sensation based on the beloved game, Pokemon, the interactive augmented reality app was a unique video game that capitalised on being one of the first of its kind to be introduced to the masses. Although it wasn’t able to maintain its peak popularity, Pokemon GO continues to remain a draw until this very day.

Not to mention, the developers have had profits that were more than they expected. As a matter of fact, Pokemon GO has already amassed a total of $3 billions in revenue by 2018 for developers Niantic.

To further illustrate how interactive augmented reality can aid businesses, here are 4 benefits of using augmented reality as part of your business’ marketing strategy.

1. It makes your business stand out

Brand awareness is all about standing out.

The more you are able to surprise your customers and generate buzz, in ways that your competitors aren’t able to do, the more you will be able to stand out and stay in their minds.

2. Virality

“Virality” is a term used to describe how quickly something is able to trend.

As augmented reality is new and unique, it stands out from anything that’s currently available. It generates the necessary buzz to get your customers sharing on what your business is all about, whether online or in person. This can lead to the acquisition of even more customers, increasing your reach to a wider audience.

3. More opportunities to personalize

Businesses can use augmented reality to express themselves in a way that is more personalized and engaging. It helps that interactive apps are also catching onto teenagers. For example, according to Pew Research Center, almost 59% of teenage girls and up to 84% of teenage boys are involved in video games, making it a great opportunity for businesses to dive into.

4. Improved retention

Staying on top of entertainment trends can be key to retaining customers. By providing your customers and audiences alike with something new, unique, and exciting, you can motivate them to interact with your business and your mobile app repeatedly.

There are multiple opportunities for your business to interact with your customers. This does not only refer to instances when they order a product, but also when they go online to social media to reach out to you, or post a feedback about your products and services.

The quality of the above interactions plays a crucial role in how a customer perceives your brand. Augmented reality makes it far more likely that certain interactions can become a positive and unique experience that customers will look to share with their friends and family.

Interactive Augmented Reality is the Future

There is no denying that interactive design and augmented reality are not yet fully evolved in the tech space. While it is on its way there, there may still be some time before it becomes prominently used. The implementation remains in its early stages, especially when compared to how we could potentially see it applied in the future.

However, many businesses are also able to gain from interactive augmented reality during its early stages. As smartphones and tablets increase in functionality and faster internet speeds become widely available, the implementation of augmented reality is surely going to improve.

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Interactive augmented reality can transform your business significantly. Speak with us today and let us help you reach new heights!

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