The online presence of your business is much more important than you might expect. This is because it takes a user less than half a second to deduce your website and ensure whether they will stay or leave.

With your website being the first thing online users associate with your brand, it affects their decision on whether or not to purchase your product. Around 3 out of 4 users will judge your brand based on your website design as well.

Due to the massive effect it has on online users, how do you make sure that your website sells? Here’s how.

Convenience and ease of use

The first mistake of many websites comes in the form of making pages long with unnecessary content to increase traffic and time users spend on the website. It is counterproductive and turns users off before they can read everything on the page.

Change your website to one that is simple to navigate, and one where users won’t need to scour to find specific information or products. Some examples include a menu that follows them on the page, or a search bar for quick access. Convenience is vital on whether users will stay or leave your website.

What is Your UVP?

UVP stands for Unique Value Proposition, better known as your business’ UVP. It is a clear statement that describes how your products and services can benefit your customers and how you can solve their problems and needs. Making it clear on your website gives your visitors a better understanding without having to look it up.

Of course, your website serves as a way to showcase your brand and explain why customers should choose your products and services over others.

Virtual Chat

Due to the emergence of innovative web design, many ecommerce web development services have started offering virtual chat in all of their web designs. Most online users prefer to have a quick chat with a virtual customer representative, and without providing that option, you could be turning down a potential customer.

Even if a customer arrives at your website and doesn’t want to chat with an online customer representative, they can feel safe and trusted knowing that the option is right there for them if needed. You can work with a web design company to find out ways on where to best place your virtual chat that won’t seek to annoy visitors. You can also check with them to see how it might affect other elements and clash with them in your web design.

Using trust symbols

When purchasing a product online, do you check for reviews before purchasing? Your visitors do the same as well. By associating yourself as a brand that has badges and certification logos from review sites such as Yelp, more online users would be keen on doing business with you.

Another trust symbol is by using customer testimonials. Showcase them on your website as it guarantees the visitor safety that you are providing a product recommended by business owners and others before them. Your website should make potential buyers trust you in delivering a good product or service. Making these small but crucial web design choices is the difference between a successful profit-driving website, and a website that has a lot of traffic but little to no conversions.

At IXEN Interactive, we seek to aid our clients in improving and elevating consumer-brand interactions. Thanks to our human-centered approach and creative interactive solutions, we help our clients beat the competition online. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or seeking web development services, you can be assured that we will meet your needs!

As ecommerce web development continually evolves, trends go in and out of fashion all the time. As such, it’s essential to have your website updated to fit the trend. Strategize and plan out your business’ web design needs right now – as well as for the foreseeable future.

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