38% of people will leave a website that is considered unattractive.

If you have ever walked into a disorganized and messy store, only to walk out just seconds later – this is the same thing that happens when you have a website that isn’t intuitive and scores a zero on the experience factor.

Today, it simply isn’t enough to just create an aesthetically pleasing website. Scratch beneath the surface of all the best websites on the web today and you will realize that they are so many more features that come into play, 5 of which we will be highlighting below:

#1: They K.I.S.S.

Yes, the most effective e-commerce sites all follow the old K.I.S.S. adage: keep it short and simple.

Simple doesn’t mean boring – instead, it means eliminating as many complexities as possible and replacing them with helpful, visual navigation and a well-planned site. By making use of search functions, filters and a categorized menu, you are ensuring that users have a smooth experience when exploring your website and eventually move them towards the end of the buying funnel.

Users these days are growing increasingly impatient – you only have seconds to get your main message across. While it might be tempting to provide as much information as you can – find what makes your brand different and present it to users first.

#2: They are mobile-friendly.

Mobile shopping now accounts for half of all online transactions today, and users are now shifting towards viewing the mobile version of websites to find products and services.

The best websites are compatible with all types of devices and multiple screen sizes. Having a responsive web design is important if you don’t want to lose valuable traffic and minimize the chances of users being frustrated and abandoning their carts completely.

A mobile-friendly website with quality content will beat the desktop version anytime.

#3: They provide interactive content.

In the age of virtual reality (VR) and mobile app development, interactive content such as games and chatbots can help to differentiate you from the crowd.

Investing in a website that has highly-interactive content is a great way to communicate with tech-savvy users who are always on the lookout for unique and exciting experiences. This is why so many companies are now investing in an Interactive Design Agency to create engaging digital content for them, and revolutionizing the way users connect with their favorite brands and products. 

#4: They have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Since brands aren’t always able to be physically in contact with their customers, the best way to answer any questions and clear any doubts in regard to your products and services is via a FAQ page.

Taking the time to craft a comprehensive and easy-to-digest FAQ section in your ecommerce website helps to build authority and confidence with your consumers – making them far more comfortable when making a purchase. Questions can include product support and aftercare, returns policy and warranties, etc.

Be sure to address the pain points of users, and offer as much detail without being confusing and overwhelming.

#5: They allow personalization.

Customers no longer just want personalization, they demand it.

Similar to interactive content, personalization gives brands the opportunity to create enriching buyer experiences, such as virtually trying on different shades of lipstick and seeing how a particular pair of jeans will fit you.

The fact that personalization is driven by data and analytics should also show the importance of being able to translate them into actionable insights, and turning them into valuable opportunities for your business. 

Ultimately, your e-commerce site should feel like YOUR BRAND. It is like the DNA of your online business, and should show who you are as a brand and what value you offer to your customers.

Having a great website can do wonders for your bottom line, which is why it matters to have the right Creative Digital Agency on board!

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