Many of us have great gratitude (or guilt, depending on your outlook) for the steadfast and reliable support that ChatGPT so freely offers us. The generative AI tool is more than a chatbot – it’s a personal assistant, customer service rep, marketing analyst, content writer, programmer, and even graphic designer, if you’re willing to overlook the janky hands. Widely utilised around the globe, ChatGPT has up to 180.5 million users today – a veritable number that is roughly 33 times the population of Singapore!

Popularised by its accessibility, ChatGPT has become and maintained its position as the go-to source for AI assistance; but as much as this OpenAI model has dominated the scene, it’s not by far the only available tool on the market. In a way, we also have ChatGPT to thank for clearing the way for its competitors – commonly and casually referred to as “ChatGPT alternatives” on the web. While some of these technologies can perform general tasks, others boast refined capabilities to streamline specialised workflows.

Here, let’s look into the 10 Artificial Intelligence Tools Besides ChatGPT:

1. positions itself as an AI platform dedicated to crafting on-brand content. Leveraging machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), it achieves this by either analysing your existing content or adhering to specified style guides to maintain your brand’s unique voice. This capability proves highly useful for ensuring brand consistency across diverse projects. also offers other features worth considering, like one to optimise content for search engines, although the tool itself is less commonly utilised for simulating conversations. 


Save valuable time in content creation with This AI writing tool streamlines the development of targeted content across various domains such as blogs, website copy, emails and more. Seamlessly integrate it into other applications as part of your comprehensive writing toolkit. Plus, its-user friendly interface ensures writers can effortlessly hop on board whenever needed!

3. Character AI

Character AI is, well, quite a character in the realm of AI chatbots. Known for providing engaging conversations with both fictional and real AI personalities, this tool serves as a fun and entertaining resource for casual learning and creative inspiration. That said, it is important to note that while advanced, information accuracy takes a backseat in Character AI. However, do use it to experience what a conversation with renowned figures like Elon Musk and Taylor Swift would be like.

4. YouChat

YouChat is a hybrid of a search engine and a chatbot that emphasises remarkable privacy features (in contrast to ChatGPT). This platform introduces private and personal modes that allow users to switch between a zero-trace experience and one tailored to their preferences and behaviours. Nonetheless, YouChat excels in a multitude of tasks, and can handle summarising concepts, financial planning, image generation, as well as offering insights and suggestions for coding. 

5. Google Gemini

No, Gemini isn’t the newest kid on the block. You might recognise it better by its former name, Bard, the experimental conversational AI service masterminded by Google itself. Powered by Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA), Gemini is seen, however, as among the more sophisticated AI systems out there. As of writing, its supportive role is being extended into Google’s latest endeavour, called Search Generative Experience (SGE), providing a revamped inquiry experience for users today.

6. Chatsonic

Chatsonic also operates on the same OpenAI model as ChatGPT, but gives a comfortable middle ground for users accustomed to Google’s search experience. Highly versatile for content creation, this NLP-trained chatbot can adopt distinct tones of voice for various industries, and allows for uploads of photos, videos, and other formats.

7. Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is an AI assistant that’s embedded into Microsoft 365 programs with automation features that help to increase productivity and problem solve. Its latest venture focuses on aiding cybersecurity professionals by providing a platform that supports team documentation, facilitates collaboration and offers updates on security trends. Beyond its specialisations, Microsoft Copilot is also adopted for general tasks such as the creation of documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more.

8. Claude 

Developed by artificial intelligence company Anthropic, heavily backed by Google, Claude emerges as a significant up-and-coming AI technology, boasting capabilities comparable to ChatGPT. While its inaugural model first launched in March 2023, Claude has since evolved to its latest version, Claude 3, which boasts robust vision capabilities across multiple media formats, reduced refusals of valid prompts, and notably improved recall accuracy. Writers can consider leveraging the creative prowess of Claude for ideating and summarising text, among other functionalities.

9. SpinBot

SpinBot lends a slightly different area of expertise compared to other AI models. Instead of assisting in creating content from scratch, it specialises in rephrasing and giving your text a fresh shine while maintaining human readability. This feature is great for writers experiencing writer’s block, providing support in infusing their work with personality even when they find it challenging to do so.

10. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is a generative AI solution for developers that draws on the vast resources of GitHub’s public repositories. It offers line suggestions that autocomplete as you code, providing real-time recommendations to enhance your work. GitHub Copilot supports multiple coding languages and offers different subscription tiers to suit diverse coding needs.


While ChatGPT continues to have a stronghold in the technological landscape, knowing that other alternatives, such as the ones listed in this article, are available provides users with valuable options and flexibility. As AI progresses, we anticipate the emergence of even more sophisticated tools tailored to needs such as content creation, coding, documentation and beyond. Knowing how to harness these capabilities ethically and effectively is pivotal to the future success of your business. To learn about how you can wield the power of artificial intelligence at your fingertips, contact us at IXEN Interactive today.

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